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Welcome to the new Arrowhead Massage Therapy and Reflexology home page!

Thank you for choosing Arrowhead Massage Therapy and Reflexology!  There is exciting news! Healing Horizons has purchased Arrowhead Massage Therapy which is now Arrowhead Massage Therapy and Reflexology!!!

Our new location is 1514 Reynolds Road in Maumee Ohio located in the Maumee MarketPlace!! The same phone number used for Healing Horizons, 419-870-4243, is being used for Arrowhead Massage Therapy and Reflexology. You will still be able to call the same number to get the same, if not better, care and attention you received before. Your interest in massage is exciting, healing and rewarding and we are grateful you have chosen Arrowhead Massage Therapy and Reflexology as a way to help heal you and your life!!  

Here at Arrowhead Massage Therapy and Reflexology, we offer Full-Body Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Cupping, Migraine Relief, Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage, and so much more, or just simple Relaxing Swedish massage for times when you need a break from the daily stresses of life. Our therapists here also have a heavy hand for a deeper, more therapeutic massage for those really tense muscles.  Adding in hot stones or essential oils for an extra immune boost and warm touch to any type of massage (except Lymphatic Drainage) can help with ailments such as migraines, anxiety, depression, back pain, constipation, muscle tension, and the worst yet, stress!

Matthew has been a LMT for five years and has the gift of giving a truly amazing Myofascial Release Therapeutic whole body massage. He not only improves your range of motion and reduces soreness, he promotes circulation, reduces stress and speeds recovery time with his extensive knowledge and range of therapeutic approaches. He understands that given the right environment and right tools, we can listen to our bodies and allow for healing and growth.

Kaitlin has been a LMT for five years. She began in the health field 11 years ago volunteering at a nursing home. She began helping and being mentored by the resident Licensed Massage Therapist in the Dementia Unit where she discovered that the power of touch was going to be her life's passion and therefore became a LMT herself. Giving a stress-free, dreamy Relaxation massage, Kaitlin also specializes in Therapeutic and Sports massage to help you get quickly back on the course or court to get back into the game you love or the game of life. Ask her to add Hot Stones to any massage to enhance muscle relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety to help you sleep better. She has also been trained in Sinus and Headache Relief and TMJ Release. 

Tonya is a graduate of the Professional Skills Institute and has been a Certified Licensed Massage Therapist since 2007. She has worked for several massage businesses around the Toledo area and was the owner/operator of 7 Wellness Massage Therapy located in Rossford, Ohio. In addition to being certified in Relaxation, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki and Hot Stone, Tonya has also provided End of Life Massage Therapy for Hospice patients.She has thankfully found her home here at Arrowhead Massage Therapy and Reflexology and would love to have the opportunity to help others heal and teach how to administer self care. She loves to read and learn new things. She cares for herself and well-bieng by attending healing sound baths, yoga, meditation and chakra clearing. She looks forward to welcoming you with love and gratitude and is excited to help you on your healing journey.

Staci has been an excellent LMT for a total of 22 years! She has absolutely perfected the art of Cupping Massage, a deeply therapeutic technique that releases scar tissue and fascial adhesions, promotes circulation, relieves painful, knotted muscles and improves mobility and range of motion. Staci also gives a truly relaxing massage helping you forget the cares of the world.

All massages performed by these amazing Therapists are truly customized based on each individual client needs, taking work related stress and repetitive injuries, extra-curricular activities and every day life experiences into consideration when working on a massage plan for each client. Need to relax or work out sore muscles?  Spend one hour with us, we're making your well-being our business!!

All therapists are Ohio State Board Licensed, Certified and/or trained in their fields and fully insured.

Arrowhead Massage Therapy and Reflexology bases scheduling by appointments only!! We apologize, same day appointments are not available. Walk-ins are not recommended as doors are locked during sessions.

*To All New Clients:  A credit card will be taken over the phone to secure your appointments.

I apologize for any inconvenience, reminder texts will no longer be available. Please be sure to write your appointments down in a safe, solid area and set reminders on phones or calendars. There is a full charge plus an additional $5.00 for any and all missed appointments. 

**Special Note:  Please keep in mind that in any type of massage practice we are unable to maintain a safe 6' distance and person-to-person contact is a must. There is always some type of risk during person-to-person contact but please be assured that State Board Approved protocol has been taken to keep all clients and therapists as safe and healthy as possible when visiting Arrowhead Massage Therapy. Therapists will wear masks upon request. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact Heather Finnen any time, day or night {you may call or text} at 419-870-4243.  

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Heather Finnen 419-870-4243




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